Video Production Showreel

I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and professionalism over the last two days. It was really appreciated by all the team and was great to see an insight into how you work today on set.

We're really looking to seeing the first edit and thanks once again from me and the rest of the Novo team.

Tom Timothy, Marketing and Brand Director, Novo Heat

Beautiful Films to Tell Your Story

We mostly love filming outdoors, and aren’t afraid to travel far to get the perfect shot, whether that’s diving deep into the forests of Wales or taking a hike round the Isle of Skye. We love a challenge.  

We’re happy travellers too. So hopping on a plane, train or ferry with our lightweight kit to film further afield, is no more of a challenge.

We have heavily invested in state-of the art film kit over the years and are proud of our adaptable and growing kit list, which only adds to our high-end production values. Our films can be 4K cinematic quality at the push of a button.   

We have the capability to deliver multiple camera crews, so if you’re tight for time and need several locations covering in a week, we’ve got you covered.

Project management

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, working to the principles of ISO9001. We are specialists in producing videos that utilise the latest filming techniques and creative thinking as well as technology. We combine our immaculate edits with stylish high end motion design and animation ensuring every project we deliver meets the exacting standards of our Clients.


This is where the real talent lies, provided you’ve got the most flattering footage in the first place of course! We take the utmost pride in all our video productions. With most videos being marketed online, we make sure every video delivers your key message and grabs the viewer within the first 5 seconds.

Sound Design

Music, voiceovers and sound effects are essential to the success of any production, so time and effort is always taken to find the right music and effects. We have a wealth of talent in sound design, music composers, voice over artists/recordists and presenters. Providing much more of an immersive and multi-sensory experience for the user.

It’s important that the music brings the film or animation production to life and enforces the tone of the film, yet doesn’t distract the viewer from the key messages.

Script Writing

Can’t see the wood for the trees? Do you need an outside view to project your company in the best possible light? We believe that all good productions develop from a great initial concept. With vast experience across all types of media, including radio, TV and online, we can tell your story.

Outsource Your Video Production 

Are you a Production House or Media Agency?

We have the capability to produce everything in-house so if you’re a production company or media agency that’s a little tight on time, we’ll be more than happy to help out with certain elements of your production.

We are happy to white label and supply any element of pre or post-production to achieve your delivery, whether that’s an ad; an animation production or even a documentary for linear TV.

We have provided the following production elements to various media and production houses; including S4C; Boom Cymru; BBC; and Sony:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Film production
  • Motion graphics
  • Drone filming
  • Animation
  • Editing 
  • 3D visualisation /CGI
  • Art Direction
As a full service agency that’s not quite “full in-house” having a resource like Soup to call on at the drop of a hat is invaluable.

We have worked together for many years and have got to know the team both personally and professionally - from small animated showreels to multi-language instructional guides, they make the whole process so simple. Their attention to detail and sheer will to get the job done makes them a pleasure to work with.

Stephen, Director, EBY Design

Video Production Partnership

Digital or PR Agency

Could your clients benefit from video to enhance their offering?

We partner and extend our services to various digital and PR agencies, allowing them to provide a full-service agency to their clients. Our flexible and adaptable approach allows us to work closely with you and the way you work. We can be close to the client or you can white label our services, it’s entirely up to you.

We can help with elements of the production or the whole project. Give us a call to find out more.

Check out some of our collaborative video projects below:

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