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Cycling Insurance Promo Videos

Bikmo Plus

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Straight Talking Cycle Insurance, Designed by Cyclists

Various Campaign & Promo Videos

Our good friends Bikmo recently teamed up with trusted insurance specialists, Hiscox (who we are delighted to be working with), to create a straight-talking cyclist insurance. Bike nuts tend to look after their bikes so their vision is for simple, good value insurance that’s as easy to purchase as say, Netflix.

We created this 2-minute explainer video to clearly show, not only the benefits of this specialist cyclist insurance but also the type of company behind it. Dave, the founder of Bikmo, is an avid cyclist himself and he and all his staff really relate with the customers, so it made sense for Dave to present the video himself. Check out the cheeky cameo from Stew too!

Filming Motion Design
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There are many reasons we've worked with Soup for a number of years, the main one being because they get us as a brand, and secondly because they find a way to be as creative within a highly regulated industry as if they were on any project.

Their level of creativity and storytelling is matched with their technical ability and backed up with superb project management. In short, an outstanding choice for any creative visual project, whether you work in a regulated industry like we do, or not.

David George, Director & Founder, Bikmo Plus - Cycling Insurance

We had a lot of fun filming this slick, cycling insurance commercial for Bikmo Plus. We spent the day in a very shiny white studio with the straight talking, avid cyclists, only to obliterate it with a lot of mud, water, twigs and leaves! Keith was the unfortunate cyclist who had mud thrown at him by the Bikmo team and on his second day in his new job too. We have to say there was not much complaining on his part!

Our Junior Filmmaker, Ben, produced a neat little behind-the-scenes vid too. Don’t forget to check out this sneak peek at the Bikmo Plus team in action.

Main Promo Video for Bikmo Plus

#GetCovered Campaign Video Production

#GetCovered Behind The Scenes Video Production

Bikmo - Original Promo Video Production

Bikmo Meets Starley Interview Video

Bikmo - Ride Safe This Christmas

About Bikmo Plus

Small enough to care, large enough to cope, able to chat about bikes all day… your Bikmo team are here to help you enjoy your cycling more, give you peace of mind, the best deals, and the kind of service you and your bikes deserve.

That’s when we’re not riding the Welsh hills, anyway.

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