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When the opportunity arises for us to use our knowledge and skills to help others, we always do what we can when we can. This time it was a little more than that, as this project was very personal, close to our hearts and very emotional but a pleasure to help, all the same. Our close family friend Luke (who has been known to be our steady boom man on occasion) is raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Research, challenged by his awe-inspiring girlfriend, Kate, who was sadly diagnosed with non-hodgkinson lymphoma early this year.

Kate is fighting it every step of the way with the support of family, friends and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Research charity but more can be done by all of us to beat cancer once and for all. Luke’s no Jesse J but he’s certainly got a good crop of hair for a young man and he’s been proud of his dreads for many years. So when Kate challenged him to whip them off to raise money for charity, how could he refuse?

We filmed part 1 of ‘The Dreaded Shave’ and already, Luke has raised over £1,300 for the charity. (There’s some keen people out there who want to see those dreads gone!)

Help support a charity that can change people’s lives. Share, tweet and donate and let’s raise some money for such a worthy cause and above all, so we can see Part 2 of this film and see those dreads go.

Let’s face it, they’re never going to brush out!

Watch the video…Part 1

Make a donation: http://www.justgiving.com/kate-luke

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