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We offer our clients the option to work with us as part of a retained partnership - giving you the benefit of rapid turnaround, responsive content and dramatically improved acquisition results

The Bike Shop Struggle

Are you trying to increase your online visibility nationwide whilst reducing acquisition costs, and at the same time improve local awareness and increase footfall in store?

There’s also the need to sell high value bikes and also keep your servicing department busy/booked (your bread and butter!)  is a real challenge and one we see time and time again. 

We get it, it’s real tough nut to crack! You’re a bike a shop and brilliant at what you do but the digital marketing world is getting ever more competitive and the goalposts are moving further and further apart… 

That’s where we come in! 

A partnership with Soup empowers you to tap in to our huge wealth of marketing and content production experience within the bike industry to help you get your products and services in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time, without the hassle of hiring additional staff or the high cost of buying new equipment and training.

What we've achieved

30%+ increase in service bookings within the first 2 weeks of campaign launch

Starting from just £900

Prove it!

We've got proof in the pudding!

We don't just talk the talk, we ride the ride too! We've got the data, results and testimonials to show the amazing results we've achieved for some of our bike retailer clients:

Some Of The Bikers We've Worked With

Driving work for leading brands
What we've achieved

7% increase in online bike sales and 15%+ decrease in digital acquisition costs

What can we do for you?

Marketing Experts, Biking Enthusiasts

As marketing specialists we've worked on a huge array of projects. Everything from back pain products to high end performance cars. Interesting in their own rights but what's really our passion is biking. Road, Mountain, Gravel, you name it, we're addicts. We understand your consumers, we are them! And we understand your struggles, we're your team!

We love to work on projects that are our passions which is why in the past year we’ve started to focus heavily on the biking industry. We believe bike and service sales are much more than a price race to the bottom, with stores and companies often offering so much more than a bargain bucket basic bike.

Recently we have worked on a project with a shop like yours that has seen a 30% increase in service bookings, a 20% rise of in-store traffic, and a 7%+ rise in premium MTB and Road/Gravel bike sales. Most importantly though, we’ve seen customer retention increase by 14%, ultimately reducing acquisition costs even further.

A full marketing and production team of your own!

Get infront of the right people, in the right place, at the right time... from just £800pm​

Limited Availability

Exclusively Local

We only work with 1x bike shop per region to keep our secrets, and more importantly your secrets, local and exclusive!

We don’t just share our secrets with anyone, and we always protect our clients interests as our own, which is why we only work with 1x shop per region so that we can all keep a competitive advantage locally, together. 

Register with us today to be the only bike shop in your area to get expert marketing help from us from just £800pm


What Makes Soup Different?

What can we do for you?

We're Always Content First

With our very own studio and teams of expert production and marketing staff we can be quick to make changes to your marketing campaigns content!

Losing money through poor campaign spend efficiency is one of the biggest killers of success digitally, so if your campaign data telling you that MTB hardtails are getting better interaction than Gravel Bikes then why wait to make a change? We can get in our studio and create beautiful new content to suit the needs of your campaign as and when they appear… as it should be!

Limitless content possibilties

Up your content marketing game

Your Soup content team spend their days creating high end TV commercials and brand content for top brands and have combined industry experience of over 40 years.
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