Interview: Stew’s 2015 Coast to Coast Ratrace Challenge

A short interview with the man brave/ crazy enough to take on the 2015 Ratrace Coast to Coast challenge.

Tell us a little bit about the Coast to Coast challenge for all those as clueless as I am?

So this isn’t about breaking any records or staring at my strava times for the entire race, it will be more about the achievement of just surviving the 2 day epic journey across Scotland, So im hoping! I will be Running, Cycling and kayaking a 106 mile route through some of the most spectacular scenic areas the UK has to offer so I’m hoping the stunning backdrop will some how detract from the pain I will be going through.

What made you want to do such a crazy thing?

Every year I like to set myself a challenge and over a few beers this seemed like a totally sensible idea. Luckily I’m not doing it alone otherwise I would be reaching for the excuses book by now!

When will this be taking place?

On September, 12th 2015 we will be dipping our toes in the sea on the east coast of Scotland preparing to dash to the west coast where we will probably need to dip more than just our toes.

How are you feeling now that the challenge is creeping up on you? Is training in full steam?

My biggest fear is that my training has been delayed due to knee surgery, so it looks like it will be an intense 6 week training routine rather than the recommended 6 month training plan. A very real fear!!!

You are raising money for such a good cause, what made you want to raise funds for the Up and Under foundation and why should people donate?

The Founder of our Cheshire based Charity is a friend of Soup’s so we were privileged to witness first hand the fantastic impact the work they do has on selected children. The Up and Under Foundation sits so well with our passion for the outdoors so to give the opportunity for 10 underprivileged youngsters to experience outdoor activities that we take for granted every weekend feels like a fantastic thing to do.

Any last words?!

Just make sure Team Sky Pro Cycling scouts are watching to donate and show your support, as I take on this challenge – head over to https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/soupcreative2 to make a donation and check out this little animation too, that Bethany created.

For more info on the race itself, check out the Ratrace Coast to Coast 2015

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