Junior Creative Walking the Walls

I spent my first Creative Feeding day photographing the beautiful city of Chester. A Creative Feeding day is a day designed to recharge the creative juices by stepping away from a project, that you may have been working on solidly for weeks, so that when you return, you have a fresh perspective and a new energy. It’s a welcome change when you spend days staring at a screen perfecting a bit of animation that might only be seen for a few seconds!

Photograph by Emily J Roberts

I went out with my trusty camera companion, my Nikon D5100 with a Sigma 17-55mm and a Nikkor 70-300mm telephoto lens, which allowed me to capture close ups of the chimneys and any wildlife I might happen upon (pigeons mostly). I prefer using my telephoto lens because I like taking close ups to capture detail and things the eye couldn’t otherwise see. Telephoto lenses can also flatten perspective as seen in the picture above.

In the midst of January, the Chester City walls had a light dusting of snow which I was eager to capture as it adds a touch of magic. However, most of it had melted and it became more risky to walk the walls though I persevered!

I really enjoyed wandering with my camera and appreciating the city I grew up in. One of the photos I uploaded to Instagram got picked up by the official Chester tourism Instagram and they shared it to their followers, which was pretty cool!

I only got as far as walking part of the walls so I hope to start capturing more of what Chester has to offer, over the coming Creative Feeding Days.

Emily Roberts, Junior Creative

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