Life as an Intern: Week Twelve

weektwelve-01Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you had a special Christmas.

So my internship has come to an end with Soup Creative and what an amazing three months it has been. In some ways it has flown by but in others it feels as though I have been a part of Soup life forever.

Throughout the three months I have learnt an incredible amount, expanding on skills I already had but also learning whole new elements from scratch. My creativity has been pushed to new levels. From day one, I was pretty much thrown in at the deep end, working straight away on client jobs and projects. At first it was pretty daunting and, if I am honest, I was ever so slightly out of my comfort zone, however, I found that this was the best possible way for me to get stuck in and learn. It took hard work and dedication as my evenings and any free time I had were spent doing online tutorials and reading up on software and design processes. Although this process was tiring and tricky at times I absolutely loved it.

There is something so satisfying about learning new things, especially when you can put those newly learnt skills into action. The rest of the team here at Soup were also incredibly helpful during this learning process. They were constantly teaching me tips and tricks along the way and always made the time to evaluate the work I had done, giving me feedback and advice on how I can improve and keep growing as a designer. They had constant patience and enthusiasm with me as a newbie. Things didn’t necessarily always work out first time around but with their guidance I was able to keep on developing until the projects and work was right. It was a trial and error procedure, you constantly learn from the mistakes. You see what works and what doesn’t and that’s how you learn in this industry! I have been involved in a vast range of projects during this internship and there was nothing that was kept from me as an wee intern. It wasn’t your standard expected intern position full of coffee runs and tidying up. In fact I think in the whole time I’ve been here, I managed to get away with just the one big coffee run! I worked on branding and logo design for new companies, graphic animations for advertisements and commercials, posters for universities, events and businesses, filming, photo manipulation, prospectus design, proposal documents, infographics, analytical research… you get the jist. I really was given full access and big responsibilities.

When I finished Uni in the summer of 2014, I was anxious about what the year ahead would hold as I was constantly hearing how competitive the creative industry could be, but I well and truly have landed on my feet when I was offered this internship as part of the Santander scheme and applying for this position was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The banter, the coffee and surprisingly even the mountain biking, I have loved it all!

I am so excited for what this new year will bring with the new branding and re launch and even a new office space! There is so much to look forward too.

I am so happy and thankful that my time here isn’t over despite the internship coming to an end. I can’t imagine spending my time anywhere else and working alongside a better team of people.

Thank you Soup, you have all been incredibly good to me. Roll on 2015!

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