Promoting mental health

46% of young people are bullied at school, which can lead to problems in later life too, with boys more likely to have a mental health problem, than girls.

Kooth is an online counselling and emotional well-being support service for children and young people available free at the point of use. An early intervention solution, Kooth helps to reduce waiting times for young people seeking help while removing the stigma associated with accessing mental health support

Soup’s spent the last three months working with Kooth to produce this 4 minute promo/explainer film, to be presented to local authorities and schools, targeting 11-25 year olds. 

Kooth wanted to promote its services to the digital-savvy to make it easy for viewers to understand exactly what Kooth offers. With around 3 students in every classroom, having a mental health problem, it was important to de-stigmatise mental health in the video.

Informative, positive and dynamic, the 4 minute video was built up of three main case studies, which was designed to be repurposed as shorter videos also.

Kooth loved it and we can’t wait to see their new website coming soon. We’re already working on the next video which helps young people and children on the autism spectrum.

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