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The digital landscape is ever changing, and the biggest challenge to most is that they’re never quite sure if their new strategy is correct and going to be successful. Wouldn’t it be great if we could look at other businesses analytics accounts and see how everyone is performing.

Well at Soup we can! The great thing about social media management through a creative agency like Soup is that we see the full journey for a wide range of clients, across a wide range of industries. We create the content, distribute, monitor, and optimise it all. Meaning we’ve got a hugely broad perspective and rich experience in Social Media.

We’re at the forefront of algorithm changes, platform content preferences and rule changes meaning all our clients benefit from each others campaign learnings. No longer is the need to split test and lose budget to optimisation as we have the knowledge, skills and experience to execute the perfect campaign for you. 

From just £399 we can transform you digital presence. Why not give us a call or drop us a message and see how you can blossom online today!

But Why Pay For Social Media?

Increase Traffic To Your Website

Get more of the right visitors to your website. We'll dissect your website traffic data and find out who is genuinely adding real value to you, and we'll bring you more quality users just like them.

Increase Brand Awareness & Engagement

The social landscape is changing and direct conversion attributions are no longer as relevant as they once were. Social is a great platform for brand advocacy campaigns, and well, we're not too shabby at them if we do say so ourselves!

Recapture Lost Website Users

Traffic isn't cheap, so why not reduce cart abandonment rates by remarketing through social media. It's super effective and ultimately will influence those tough customers to convert with you!

Generate New Leads

Acquisition campaigns all plateau eventually, but with social media the audiences are so vast, the users so many, that we'll be sure to keep the new leads rolling in with highly effective, influential, engaging and artistic campaigns. We even wow ourselves sometimes!

Social Media Agency

Some Of Our Happy Social Clients

We proudly provide Social Media support to many, and here's a few examples below:
What We Offer

But What Do We Actually Do?

Facebook Advertising

Simply put, Facebook advertising helps you to increase the visibility of your online advertisements through a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model. Because Facebook collects such a vast range of user data, such as age, location, interests and more, the platform offers a super refined approach to targeting. This means as an advertiser there's never been a more accurate and refined way of capturing your target audience. With so much variety it can be hard to know exactly who, what, where, when and how to best create a campaign, althought not to worry, thats were we come in. With a marketing function with over 11 years Facebook advertising, we'll do all the hard work so you don't have to!

Twitter Advertising

Reach new users and promote your brand using the super-simple but highly effective Twitter ad formats. Depending on your campaign objective Twitter can be a genuinely great platform for targeting unique audiences as you pay for performance. Target via keywords, through engager targeting or tailored audiences, the platforms low cost per click can be a real hidden gem when trying to expand your audience and market position. Soup can help you from start to finish, whether it's creating a strategy, setting up and maintaining campaigns or even auditing your current campaigns, why not have a chat with us and see how we can help!

LinkedIn Advertising

For generating leads, driving website traffic, building brand awareness within a B2B environment and much more, LinkedIn advertising is the way to go! Tap into and engage a community of prefessionals to drive real, tangible actions for your business with this fantastic B2B platform. With over 750m professionals on LinkedIn, it's widely regarded as the #1 platform for business lead generation. Target through company targeting, contact targeting and retargeting to reach the right audience for you. Wether you want to precisely show your adverts to HR Directors, Chief Operations Officers or even call handlers, the powerful platform helps you customise audiences and get your ads in front of the right people, at the right time. And yes, you guessed it, we've got years of experience on the platform saving you the hassle and cost of learning whats best!

Instagram Advertising

Advertise your business or organisation and reach your desired audience with precise targeting and actionable insights. Soup can integrate Instagram with your wider marketing campaigns to make sure that your audience doesn't just see one advert on one platform, but they see your message subtly over multiple touchpoints digitally to inspire new audiences acquire conversions through flexible creative promotions and multiplatform campaigns.

Content Marketing

Here at Soup we pride ourselves on being true content specialists, it's what we do! We create incredible engaging and personalised content with not only an artistic mindset, but a commercial one too. We understand what converts and what does not. So depending on your campaign objectives, we know exactly what to create to attract and convert prospects with genuinely engaging digital experiences. Don't fall into the trap of creating great content that looks good but doesn't accomplish it's goals, speak to us and see how to achieve both, impressive visual content and a return on investment!

Brand Advocacy Campaign

An often overlooked form of modern business marketing, Brand Advocacy promotes business through word of mouth! Whilst direct attribution for campaign successes is getting harder and harder, why not embrace the lack of distinct tracking and look to grow your broader brand reputation through positive engagement, shares and mentions. In an age where online users are becoming numb to online ads, brand advocacy campaigns are a brilliant way of advertising and influencing audiences with a softer, friendlier approach for a long term gain.

Influencer Marketing

Get endorsements and product placements from influencers, people and organisations who have expert levels of knowledge, authority and social influence in their respected fields. At Soup we can help connect you with, create and distribute properly engaging content to help you showcase your products or services on a friendly and trusted level. Using data-driven insights and our specialist creative strategy, we can manage a social influencer marketing campaign from start to finish to get you results and exposure you may never have tried before. We're experienced and highly successful in getting the right people, to represent the right products, to the right audience.!

Remarketing Campaigns

Stop right there! If you don't current have remarketing campaigns set up then pay attention because it's arguably the most important type of digital acquisition activity you can do! On average 95% of website users don't convert o the first visit (often more) meaning all that PPC cost would be throw down the drain if you don't retarget those users again. Conversion rates generally increase with more ad impressions so why stop after just one ad? Here at Soup we can set up some highly effective paid social remarketing campaigns so if somebody bounces from your website without purchasing, they'll then see some creatively designed and placed adverts to help get them over that conversion line. Highly effective, this isn't an activity to miss out on!


Here at Soup we have a selection of 'Marketing Directors for Hire' meaning we have a team of highly experienced marketeers who have been around for quite some time, sometimes longer than they'd like to admit! With such a well rounded team we genuinely have an abundance of experience and skill sets that are often hard to find amongst agencies. Not only do we look to improve client marketing strategies by saving costs, reducing time and improving results, but we also like to share knowledge. When working closely with our marketing team they will integrate themselves directly within your marketing function to get a true understanding of your current strategies, ways of working, and ultimately we will work with you to upskill your internal teams to give you the power to create future proof strategies and ultimately make ourselves redundant.

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