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PPC, Pay Per Click, what a minefield! Where do we start? Well firstly, there's no need to worry as here at Soup wee have a team of super experienced paid media specialists who know how to get you the best return on investment for every £ spent. One of the great advantages as a creative agency we have is that we see a huge range of businesses and have a really broad holistic view of their marketing activities and customer journeys. We don't just look at PPC as a standalone function, it must be considered across the wider marketing activity which is what we specialise in.

Whether your’e looking for a paid search Google Adwords campaign, Shopping ads or are looking to understand and segment your target customer base, we have the experience and skills to both fulfil a successful campaign for you, but also upskill and plant knowledge into your organisation to make a valuable lasting change.
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Some Of The Awesome Pay Per Click Offerings That We Provide

Paid Search

Pay Per Click, it's in the name! When you are presented with the search engine results page, the results at the very top with the little word 'ad' before the listing are companies that have paid to have their listing show at the top of that list. Highly effective at displaying your ads to people who you are searching keywords/terms that you want to target. This is definitely not a platform you want to ignore!

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are adverts that include rich product information. Basically, spruced up ads that contain images, prices and marchant name. You can customise this form of ad content, budgets and pricing to suit you. This form of imagery on ads is super effective in eCommerce and one which you should definitely speak to us about if you're looking for effective image shopping ads!


Display Ads are essentially visually engaging ads on the Google Display Network that combines text, images or animated/multi-image that can both educate your audience about products or engage and entertain for awareness campaigns. From banner advertising on Google to Facebook advertising there are multiple platforms that provide a powerful audience targeting, and you guessed it, we're pro's at both creating that content and getting it in front of the right people for you!


Yep, these are those ads that seem to follow you around the internet until you make a purchase. Yes they can be annoying, but they're highly effective and it's better to get relevant ads than ones that are totally unrelated to what you want. With many customers doing lots of research before they purchase, it's a great way of keeping your brand and products in front of your target audiences and to recapture users who have engaged with your brand but ultimately not converted. We're big fans of remarketing here at Soup as we've got lots of positive experience in seeing how effective and rewarding for both the buyers and sellers can be!


Just like Google/Bing PPC but with placements purely on Social Media Platforms these ads can be targeted at super refined and audiences. Massively effective at getting creative and engaging content in front of the right people, at the right time, we have a huge amount of experience in paid social media marketing. Whether you want to target a 60 year old lady in Scotland who has an interest in gardening or an 18 year old student researching what university to go to, we can get the right eyeballs on your ads and bring your some truly valuable results to whatever paid digital campaign you may have.
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Go On Then, Why Choose Soup Creative?

We don’t just set up a campaign, run it and hope for the best. We have a much more considered approach. We review your traffic, user behaviour, acquisition sources and customer/user journey and calculate all the information together to produce a multichannel, layered approach to pay per click. We pride ourselves on behind ahead of the curve and our results are proof in the pudding!

If you want innovative strategies, multi-channel PPC delivery, we can help you with any part of the journey:

  • Onboarding
  • Implementation & Launch
  • Optimisation & Attribution
  • Reporting & Reaction
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