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The challenge

4D products is a product design company, based in Warrington, in the North West. They wanted a video which could be shown nationally that explains what they do in more detail.

To help achieve this we were tasked to create three videos, an Overview Video and two Case Study videos to help show the process taken from start to completion of a product.

Our approach

The main video was used to help viewers gain a greater understanding of what 4D Products do on a day to day basis and explain how they could help entrepreneurs develop their ideas.

The case study videos were filmed to help these entrepreneurs gain a greater understanding of the process that is taken to get to the end result. The videos together are a great synergy and have given our client rich online content.

The results

Working with everyone at 4D Products was a breeze, as everyone was keen to get in front of the camera, which always makes our life a little easier. The filming was easy and natural as we simply filmed the team on a typical day in the office.

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