Customer Journey video for Tech Company Engage Hub

An animated video production to bring a tech product to life

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The challenge

EngageHub is a global technology company that helps organisations unify and activate relevant data from various in-house systems – helping them engage better with their customers. They needed a way to educate potential customers on how their product can help them to take control over their customer journey from end to end.

Our approach

We knew we needed an exciting and visually engaging way to get the key messages across in this film so we called on our animation team to get the job done. We worked closely with the team at EngageHub to script the 90 second film and used storyboards to help bring the visual journey through the video to life before starting animating.

The results

We produced a slick, smooth and visually stunning 2D animation with voiceover that clearly and succinctly gets across the key messages EngageHub needed to put across to their audience.

We also produced an animated teaser to support the launch of this video and three chapter animations that could be deployed when talking about specific parts of the customer journey.

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