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Capturing the stunning natural beauty of Scotland

This video was created on the back of a four-day adventure to Scotland for some team-bonding and to fully use our skills and kit. This was a chance for us to bring together our two big passions: telling stories with film and enjoying the great outdoors and all the breathtaking scenery it has to offer.

The idea of taking the team away from looming deadlines, plonking them in the middle of Scotland with a faint confidence of good fortune with the weather, would be a lot easier just to ignore. But those scratches need to be itched, so the plan was actioned and the cars were packed.

What felt like hard decisions at times, were rewarded three-fold with a truly epic adventure, 4 days on the road with all our kit meant the whole team had chance to grow and bond. They experienced true beauty of the wilderness; expressed ideas; and took every opportunity to get fully stuck in. Even when we were dragging a truck full of kit up a mountain on our backs!

Our “Where we Belong” project will benefit Soup in so many ways and will open a few eyes and hopefully some doors. Most importantly, it will change the way the team walk through those doors…the Soup way.

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