Lazy Lawn locally targeted Adsmart Commercial

A fun, vibrant TV commercial with over 15 extras for artificial lawn brand, Lazy Lawn

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The challenge

With over 20 franchises across the UK, Lazy Lawn needed a way to reach customers with an engaging ad campaign that also contained specific contact details for each franchisee to be shown only in the relevant regions. With a high-end product that makes life easier for homeowners who want a perfectly manicured lawn without all the hassle of lawn maintenance, Lazy Lawn were looking for a campaign with a fresh, informal but high-end feel that would help differentiate the brand from competitors in the space.

Our approach

The TV commercial campaign come Lazy Lawn was designed to target homeowners in all 20 of the artificial grass supplier’s regions across the UK. Our creative commercial concept would place a beautiful home with a Lazy Lawn installed at the centre of a fun, vibrant commercial packed with actors all making use of the Lawn. Our ambitious and technically challenging concept would require over 15 actors and extras, a slew of props, specialist lenses and equipment, the full Soup Crew and some good luck with the February weather to create a summer garden scene like no other.

The results

We produced 20 versions of the Lazy Lawn TV Commercial to target each specific franchise region. Each had a bespke endslate bearing the contact details of the local installer and was broadcast via AdSmart from Sky only to the matching personas within the relevant geographical area.


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