Nintendo Switch Game Launch

We recreated an 80s basement for this modern take on a classic game

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A video game commercial packed with nostalgia

Nomad creates digital games based on board and card games, including Talisman, Fighting Fantasy and Smash Up. Nomad were looking for a commercial to coincide with the launch of one of their flagship titles – Talisman on Nintendo Switch.

An updated version of an 80’s classic, Talisman appeals to both children and adults – something we wanted to get across in this ad. We made a nod to the 80’s with our themed basement set and brought this classic title right up to date with characters from the present day.


"Great company to work with! They made a trailer for our game and were very receptive of how we wanted the trailer to look and added a layer of professionalism to it which we could never have achieved ourselves. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

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