Novo Heat Crowdfunding Video Campaign

Kickstarter video for smart home company Novo

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The challenge

Novo Heat/Smart TRV is the smart radiator valve for your home. Designed to allow you to control room by room temperature, saving you money and energy. Soup was commissioned to produce the company’s Kickstarter video to help them raise enough money to manufacture the products.

Our approach

As a Kickstarter film, it was important to introduce the team behind the innovative products, to show their passion and drive for what they do.

The video mainly consists of two parts, the interviews and the promotional part. We used the lifestyle promo to bring the app to life and show just how simple and easy it is to use but also how handy the service will be in a consumer’s day to day life. The interviews with the founders help buyers get to know who they are investing in which is a big advantage on kickstarter.

We also created a short social edit for the team so they can gain awareness over their social media platforms.

The results

The Kickstarter video and product launch raised over 30% of their target in less than 24 hours of going live. They’ve since raised over £100k, smashing their initial target of £25k.

This video included motion graphics to get across the benefits of the product. We also used 3D graphics to show the product in detail and in situ.


"We're delighted with the success of our Kickstarter campaign and a large part of that is undoubtedly due to the work we did with Soup Creative. On the filming day it was great to see how the team were able to consider different options we hadn't considered. Then when the final graphics went in it was fantastic to see how Soup was able to bring our products to life for us and our over 400 Kickstarter backers"

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