Cold pressed pet food commercial for Guru

A fun and vibrant TV to commercial that introduces a unique and innovative pet food brand to dog owners across the UK

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The challenge

Guru is on a mission to tell everyone about the benefits of their Cold Pressed Dog Food. They were looking for a bright and engaging commercial to form the central pillar of a marketing campaign to talk to dog owners across the UK. Guru Pet Foods use an innovative cold-press technique to prepare their foods, locking in freshness, goodness and flavour of the food without harsh chemicals or processes. Aside from introducing a brand new pet food brand to pet owners, a key deliverable of the campaign was to educate potential customers on what makes Guru so different – and why it’s a better alternative to traditional dog foods.

Our approach

As a new brand in a competitive space, it was critical we presented Guru as a strong and trustworthy brand. The commercial would be airing on TV via AdSmart, so we also had to ensure scripts were fully approved by Clearcast well before shooting could take place which meant working closely with Guru to substantiate the claims we were making in the script. Whilst we wanted to take a slightly different approach to other pet food brands with this ad no dog food commercial would be complete without some furry friends, so we were sure to cast some well-trained canines to be our own on set Gurus during the shoot!

The results

Combining live-action footage shot in a studio environment with mouthwatering hand-drawn and animated ingredients we created a bright, vibrant and memorable commercial that aired across over 100 Sky channels to pet owners thanks to the power of AdSmart from Sky.

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