Echinaforce stop motion TV Commercial

A stop motion Sky Adsmart commercial for A.Vogel's flagship vitamin supplement

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The challenge

Echinaforce is a vitamin supplement made from fresh, organically grown Echinacea that helps boost the body’s immune system. A.Vogel were looking to advertise this flagship product on TV and needed to get across the health benefits of the product for families in a visually engaging way.

Our approach

Being specialists in both animation and film we decided to combine our love of both to create a stop motion commercial that used live-action overlaid with animated illustrations to bring the product to life. We knew it would be challenging getting this commercial through the regulator Clearcast, so we worked closely with A.Vogel and Clearcast to carefully script the commercial to keep everything accurate and on the right side of broadcasting rules.

The results

After lots of communication with Clearcast and the A.Vogel team and many hours spent painstakingly animating each frame the commercial was broadcast to positive reception from customers. Thanks to our experience working with the regulator and the creativity of our production team, we were able to produce a commercial that doesn’t compromise on getting across the core messages of the product whilst staying on the right side of the strict UK broadcasting rules.

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