Affordable TV advertising – The real cost of video production

>That time of year is coming around fast when the world lines up to either queue, boo or cheer at the latest multi-million pound John Lewis Christmas TV commercial. Personally, I’m a big fan of the creativity and the Christmas feel you get from these masterpieces. Nothing kicks Christmas off like the John Lewis Christmas Advert.

TV advertising has, for many years been a thing for the rich and famous but things are changing. The revolution is here, thanks to new streaming habits and new distribution technology, affordable (and the real magic that is ‘targeted’) is here to grasp for all to take.

No matter if you’re a local council, an up and coming fashion or beauty brand, an online retailer, university; leisure and tourism destination or even a pet shop, you can appear on the ad space, slap bang in the middle of Game of Thrones. Yes, that’s right! You can now purchase airtime that is just as affordable as PPC; YouTube; and social media platforms. TV advertising has been stripped bare and brought up to speed to compete with web, with video campaign spend starting from as little £3,000

The power of TV

TV is still the biggest reach and still has the power to influence, motivate and shape. TV just got clever too. Just like online, smart TV advertising knows its audiences to ensure you now only reach your key customers and not just the ones watching Jeremy Kyle on daytime TV. You can now target people by age range, location, gender (and yes they do know who’s watching what, even if you’re in different rooms!), by what they buy, from the types of shampoo and make-up to the type of dog food you buy! Now that kind of data is really useful.

Clever affordable TV advertising

As Sky AdSmart partners, Soup Creative has crafted commercials that have been part of award-winning digital marketing campaigns, that are not only targeted geographically but to specific customer profiles, so a street of houses can all be watching Game of Thrones and because you’ve got two kids, a dog and half-term is approaching, you’ll see an ad for a local tourist destination that’s featuring a special event for families; whereas the Jones’ next door will see a romantic holiday ad for Greece, because this time last year, the couple booked a holiday to Cyprus. Smart stuff.

If you understand who your customer is we can create a commercial that will work across all channels, web, social and TV with the same, if not better return on investment.

How much does a TV ad production cost to produce?

With production costs starting from as little as £5,000 for content that’s going to be utilised in all forms, including a 30 second TV Commercial, social media edits, Behind the Scenes videos and finally your hero explainer film. We feel this brand-building opportunity is an exciting one.

We look at every new client as a blank canvas with the opportunity to do something that makes us feel proud so we’re not waiting for people to queue up to ask us to create the next daytime TV style ad, we want to create content that will fit in with the very best and take your brand and stick it next to John Lewis so you can shout from the rooftops with your on-screen presence.

‘As seen on TV’, has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?!

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