Introducing Soup Social

Quality, monthly video content at a super affordable price!

Soup Social is a service we’ve introduced that allows businesses the platform to have regular, dynamic content created for their social channels and distributed to the specific audience they wish to target.

Working closely with our clients, we understand what they want to achieve with the video content we produce for them. We can develop and implement a highly targeted marketing strategy via their chosen social media channels to either grow their presence as a brand or to drive conversions.

Introducing our new Content Director

Craig joins the Soup team having spent over a decade working within media agencies and for independent businesses developing and implementing branding and marketing strategies, from Entertainment and lifestyle publications, major sporting organisations and even owning his own wrestling company (thankfully he has the good sense to stay behind the curtain!). Craig brings a unique perspective of how this industry works; from the ultra niche to the cutting edge of mainstream, having developed strategies that have allowed products and businesses the opportunity to grow exponentially by doing some very simple, down to earth things.

“I’m thrilled at the opportunity to join the team here at Soup, as I believe it’s far from hyperbole when I say they have some of the best output I’ve seen come out of an independent creative studio. My challenge is to show how all of this amazing content to be used as part of a detailed, multi-level marketing strategy to maximise growth for the client.”

Craig Hall, Content Director

Regular, weekly video content production from £600/month

Part of our Soup Social offering is to provide regular, monthly video production at a low cost, allowing companies to take advantage to upload weekly targeted content through your social channels, increasing awareness, engagement with your target audience.

Prices start from £600/month which gives you a day’s filming in our Chester studio, along with a day’s editing, including logo slates and a call to action with name straps. Perfect for interviews with your in-house experts. Check out what one of our recent clients has been working on for monthly, engaging video content.

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