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Garan has finally surfaced (with a few more grey hairs!) from the motion graphics suite after weeks of hard graft, with the completed promotional film for the University of Chester’s brand new, state-of the-art Science and Engineering faculty, ‘Thornton Science Park’.

This challenging project required some technical creativity from the start as the Science Park, which opens to students in September 2014, is still very much under development.

Using a mix of green screens and 3D motion tracking techniques, we produced most of the film with two students interacting with 3D models and menu interfaces, which introduces the kind of technical challenges that students can expect to tackle, over a large intelligent futuristic table. Add footage of students working in laboratories and engineering environments, to help visualise the work experience opportunities that the students could expect to take part in whilst studying one of these uniquely-designed courses and we have the finished version.

A special thanks goes to Vauxhall, EA Technology and Oliver Valves for accommodating Stew, his camera and his many, many questions. We think he might want his own robotic arm from Vauxhall! The nitty gritty One of our more technically challenging projects, we used our brand new Sony F5 camera to film in a studio environment. This enabled us to carefully light each scene and utilise green screening for in-depth graphic compositing. High-end 2D and 3D motion graphics were used in conjunction with 3D motion tracking to realistically integrate the graphics with the video and give the futuristic look we wanted to achieve.

Watch the video.

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