Spring is here, get on ya bike!

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Spring is here and it’s time to get on your bike!

With the sunshine peeking through the clouds and the cool chill of the air warming up, it’s time to don the helmet and get that bike out.

Soup is looking forward to a whole summer of cycling, especially with the world’s greatest cycling race starting in July, ‘just up road from us’ in Leeds. Yep, we’ll be at the start line waiting for the Tour de France to kick off! Our good cycling friends at Bikmo, are only just getting started too.

In line with the Tour de France, Bikmo are gearing up for their big summer launch with some exciting editions and partnerships to the site. We’re already getting pretty excited about the whole launch and meeting some great cycling companies en route. Bikmo has lined up a reel of cycling companies for short interview-films to give its fans an insight into what’s out there.

Starley Bikes in Cheshire, hand-craft unique works of art for its customers, with one core goal – to enhance performance.

Marketing Director, Nick Fountain talks all things Starley and how a bespoke bike made with you in mind is nothing short of awesome. Every aspect of the build is meticulously hand-crafted giving its customers the ability to influence the creative spec of the bike.

We’re certainly heading for a busy summer of filming with Bikmo and after meeting Starley Bikes, we’re already picking out colours for our custom paint programme. Pro-cycling And if you’ve got a competitive edge, check out this short promo film we produced for the launch of the Starley Primal Pro-Cycling Team. The new team and promo film was officially launched at the London Bike Show, last month. We’re keeping an eye on new signings, Michael Nicolson and Will Fox. Whilst the Starley-Primal ethos is to always be friendly and approachable before and after racing, there’s no denying they’re highly competitive and have a bright future. Check out the Starley Bikes promo film….

Are you still reading this….Come-on, on ya bike!

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