Glyndwr Wrexham University

Soup films Glyndwr Wrexham University Open Day

Glyndwr Wrexham University is one of the UK’s youngest Universities with a student population of around 9,000 students. The countries open day season began, introducing students to the University for the following academic year. To help Glyndwr Wrexham University continue to encourage students to take a tour, Soup were called in to help the University keep applications flowing in with a video to highlight their campus and its facilities.

Soup were granted unlimited access to the University’s open day in September to capture the excitement and vast opportunities the University has to offer. There was an array of things to capture on film from the University’s flight simulator in the engineering department to the BBC’s studio in the media building.

To attract students to watch the video we kept the video very simple. We let the footage speak for itself, adding contemporary music and very little text so as not to distract from the video.

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