Meet the Team – Ellie Crowther


Hi Ellie! You’re a Producer/Social Wave Caster here at Soup. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Ellie, I’m 22 years old and I am a graduate from the University of Newcastle. If I was describe myself in five words it would be a traveller, creative, performer, country bumpkin and music lover. That was more than five words but you get the jist!

I have a love for exploring and pushing myself out my comfort zone. I recently got my advanced scuba diving certificate and I have now grown a passion for being a fish, it really is another world down there, although, I can’t say it is a good look for me.

I consider myself a very calm person, I don’t believe in stress. I think there’s a time for urgency but stress doesn’t help achieve anything.

How did you get into video production?

I guess I got into video production through drama. I always had a passion for drama at school but I never wanted to commit myself to it full time and instead went on to do business marketing and management at University. So I thought what better way to combine my skills than to be a producer.

What does your role at Soup involve?

My role and Soup is very varied. My main roles are a producer and social wave caster so I help to make the filming happen, I source film locations, actors, voiceover artists and liaise with the clients to help reach the end result. I also manage Soup’s social media and marketing. As a producer, I assist on set when filming, see my well laid plans finally coming to life!

What’s your favourite part about your job as Producer/Social Wave Caster?

It’s so varied, it’s very rare that one day is the same as the last. Whether it’s down to london for a couple of days working on a corporate film set or getting stuck in the mud filming vegetables on an allotment, it’s always very diverse. Everyday I’m talking to different clients organising projects as they evolve and seeing the end results of projects is one of the most rewarding parts.

And your favourite part about Soup?

I don’t know whether I can make just one point. Soup is great because it’s a small close knit team so it’s been easy to get to know everyone and we’re a friendly bunch. It’s such a lovely relaxed office, it’s definitely suited to creatives. My personal favourite is the dogs that come into work, even if Branston is a little smelly!


And now for the easy bit!

Favourite film?

My favourite film has always been The Jungle Book, that was the only film I would watch as a kid. I think it has probably influenced my love of adventure and animals.

Fun fact about you?

I used to have a pretty crazy imaginations as a kid and thought up loads of out there ideas. Firstly, I used to be so sure I could run as fast as a car, I used to think that people left empty milk bottles outside their front door because once they were filled to the top with rain water it would turn into milk. I also believed that the sea was salty because a group of naughty teenagers poured barrels of salt in the water. Don’t ask?!?

Favourite thing that you’ve worked on so far?

I enjoyed working on our latest Imtech shoot as we got to go down to London, I hadn’t been to London for years so it was great to drive past the Buckingham Palace again.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy exercising, I have recently got into Pilates which I am really enjoying. I am trying to get back into my drawing and painting at the moment, especially as mum would like some original pieces for
the house.

I also used to work in a cake studio, so I love to spend my time creating bespoke cakes for friends and family, my favourite to create are wacky novelty cakes.

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