Kickstarter video production is huge success for Novo Heat

We’re delighted to see one of our new client’s, Novo Heat launch on Kickstarter just last Thursday, only to find it smashing above and beyond its £25k target within just 4 days! With over £46k in the bank from interested Kickstarter angels, the team at Novo are all set to manufacture their energy-efficient smart radiator valves, designed to allow you to control room by room temperature, saving you money and energy.

The video shows the user element of the radiator valves situated in the home, through a short story of a family and their visiting mother-in-law. We incorporated the Novo Team at work to get across their passion with this product.

The team claim you can save over 30% of your energy bills so it’s a smart option for homeowners across the UK and beyond. Novo combines hardware, the cloud and data analytics to optimise the spaces we live and work in by making them comfortable, healthier and energy efficient.

Novo’s first successful product, Climair, is already available for purchase. Using the same Novo Go app, you can control your air conditioning anytime, anywhere.

“We’re delighted with the success of our Kickstarter campaign and a large part of that is undoubtedly due to the work we did with Soup Creative. On the filming day it was great to see how the team were able to consider different options we hadn’t considered. Then when the final graphics went in it was fantastic to see how Soup was able to bring the our products to life for us and our over 400 Kickstarter backers.”

Tom Timothy, Co-founder & Marketing Director at Novo

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