Soup Creative partners with Sky AdSmart

Soup has signed a deal with Sky AdSmart to advertise through its Sky AdSmart Platform.

The Chester and Cardiff based video production studio will offer highly targeted and strategic videos through the system, enabling clients to achieve big results much more cost-effectively than many other channels.

Sky AdSmart has opened up a world of possibilities to clients that wouldn’t normally be able to enter the realms of TV advertising. With a minimum spend of £3,000, for highly targeted results, TV is no longer just for the big guys anymore!

Stewart, Creative Director is delighted; “being an integral part of the end goal really allows us to have input at every part of the process, from creative through to Clearcast approval.”  

Some of Soup’s clients are reaping the benefits already. Country House Outdoor is 4 weeks into a 9-week ad with Sky Adsmart, with their high-end fashion TV ad, which Soup produced in September.

Soup produce all of their videos in-house, whether that’s film or motion graphics, as well as producing broadcast videos, Soup can take clients all the way through to Sky, including the Clearcast and media process so the process from start to finish is seamless and efficient.

Sky AdSmart allows clients to target specific audiences based on specific needs such as wealth, lifestyle and location even down to a postcode.

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