Life as an Intern: Week Seven

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Yet another week has gone by and I am just one more week away from my 2 month mark. Madness!

It has been a pretty standard week here in the office working on various ongoing projects and amends. It thankfully has been a lot calmer than last week. My time has been spent designing further graphics and assets for an animation video we are producing on TrueView Advertising. The storyboard for this video aims to clearly explain what this advertising campaign is and how this can benefit our clients in their own video advertisements.

We did a campaign using two 30-second videos for Mid Cheshire College based on sport and health courses. The results for this campaign were extremely successful and we found that there was an increase in views by 1,787%! The results for these campaigns have also gone into the storyboard for the video as it clearly demonstrates the beneficial outcome of pairing up with TrueView. As well as working on designs and assets for this video, I have also worked on the script content that will be used as a voiceover alongside the animation. So this whole project really has become my baby. You surprisingly get quite precious about these things when you have spent a lot of dedicated time and thought considering and developing it. Sorry, but I am ‘that guy’.

Things will be getting pretty busy in the lead up to Christmas as we look at rebranding and relaunching Soup. It’s an exciting time ahead as we spend more time establishing our brand and design and promoting what it is we do in the wider community. It is going to be a good opportunity for me to get further involved in the company, to input ideas and share the visions of the team.

Despite it being rather chilly up here on the top floor of the office, the atmosphere remains top notch. There is constant banter, and eating, sometimes even banter about eating. My latest nickname is Pop Tart but Custard Cream is also now in the running. You are what you eat apparently.

The latest joke of the office is at Ben’s expense. Ben is one of the guys at Bikmo, he does the phone sales. At a particularly quiet moment up here we overheard him opening a phone call with the line ‘Hi there John, is John there?’… maybe the cold air got to his head!

In other news, our Secret Santa names have been drawn and there is talk about plans for a Christmas party. I am super excited to get into the festivities with everyone here. Will keep you posted on our festivities and projects in the coming weeks.

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