Life as an Intern – Week Six

Soup-Creative-Video-Production-Life-As-An-InternWow what a week it has been!

Last week really was the calm before the storm. On Friday we were told that our pitch for anScreen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.12.51 animation film for Balfour Beatty was successful and we had been given the job. This was all very exciting. However, the deadline for the whole of this animation to be completed was to be the following Thursday. Now for a wee little intern like me, still quite new to this process and business, this prospect was very daunting and I was undeniably nervous about what the week would hold. But man was I wrong to be nervous.

Everyone here at Soup Creative were ‘on it’. The organisation and the passion from the team working on this film was incredible and that’s when I really saw the heart and the drive for what it is here that we do. To be able to see the process of an animation film from start to finish and be involved with that process along the way was highly beneficial and taught me so much. Despite everyone being so busy designing assets, storyboarding, liaising with the company and animating, they still always made the time to help me learn along the way, teaching me tricks and giving me tips on how to successfully design for a company like Balfour Beatty. I was given the opportunity to design various scenes and assets for the final animation film.

This challenge was exciting for me and I felt extremely privileged to be a part of a project for such a big client. Thanks to Garan (the don of animation), Lewis (the master of design) and Lindsay (the prime communicator and organiser) the film was completed by the deadline. I will be sure to post a link to this animation once it has gone live so you can all see the hard work of the small team here at Soup. It really is a good one!

As for the team, you will probably find most now in their beds, catching up on some well deserved sleep!

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