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Hi, I’m Emily and Social Wave Caster here at Soup. Here’s a bit about me..

I’m currently at University of Chester studying marketing. More partial to a chill with a good box set or few drinks than a typical, wild student night on the town, I’m a keen Pinterest user, forever hopeful baker and spontaneous buyer of homeware that I don’t have room for.

How did I get into video production?

After emailing for some work experience in my free time, I’ve been at Soup for 8 months, done some freelancing and am even doing a full time, 5 week placement here! It’s definitely a highlight of my week and love coming in to see the team and see what I can get up to. I’ve grown to completely love every aspect of video production and can honestly say that Soup isn’t your normal 9-5 office job.

What does my role at Soup involve?

I update the world on all that is Soup – from social media to blog posts to the email newsletters that get sent out monthly. I update the blog and see how to get Soup out there as much as possible. I’ve also been getting into a bit of the production side of the filming so overall, that’s anything from finding a voice over guy to masking taping the floor white to get the perfect clean shot. It tends to be a bit of everything but mostly marketing!

What’s my favourite part about your job as Social Wave Caster?

Letting everyone know what Soup are up to! I like having a nosey at what everyone else is doing on their blogs and social media so what better way than to spend my day telling everyone about Soup? I love going out and about filming and getting stuck into the good bits of learning what goes on behind the scenes of a really good vid! 

And my favourite part about Soup?

We’ve got a really chilled office with lots of plants, bikes from our office friends, Bikmo and there’s always a good Spotify playlist on! Soup are a close knit team so we all know each other pretty well which is nice! I’m really lucky to be working with such a talented bunch so I’ve been amazed by a massive host of the vids that they make.

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The fun bit…

Favourite film?

I still love sitting down with the Harry Potter box set!

Fun fact about me?

I keep meaning to start my own blog but always wimp out last second! Maybe I’ll get it done this week?! Until starting at Soup, I wasn’t into coffee at all but it’s an essential here in the office so, with inspiration from the rest of the team, I’ve grown to be a full coffee lover.

Favourite thing that I’ve worked on so far?

I love getting a good blog post out and enjoy writing them but love going out filming too! Ahhh I can’t choose – maybe my first day at the studio because I learnt so much or one of our most recent videos where I really got stuck in with helping throughout the day!

What do I do in my spare time?

I’m trying my hardest to learn how to do some impressive cooking. My student days haven’t taught me anything or fulfilled my hopes of leaving as a kitchen goddess. I think I’m starting to get the baking side covered and make some pretty good blueberry muffins so there’s hope! After spending my childhood doing competitive swimming and spending every day at a pool, I’ve tried to get back into it again. Slowly but surely…!

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Written by Emily Kench

Social Wave Caster

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