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Tiny Pop Kids’ App







We’re delighted to add motion picture giants, Sony to our ever-growing client list.

If you’ve got your own Tiny Popper at home, you might have seen a brand new ad gracing your TV screens on one of Sony’s kids TV channels. Tiny Pop are promoting their brand new kids’ App which Soup were proud to produce just last month.

Over 2.5 million children watch the Tiny Pop channel every month to catch up on their favourites such as Mike the Knight and My Little Pony. We have thoroughly enjoyed creating a fun animation for the TV ad and promo for Sony’s brand new App for the Tiny Pop channel.


All together now, 1, 2, 3…

Along with the promo vid, Emily has also been hard at work animating 24 Sing Along videos for Tiny Pop so she’s our go to gal for song lyrics! From Postman Pat to Miffy and Friends, Soup have produced sing along videos to keep Tiny Poppers up to speed with all the lyrics to their favourite TV programmes.


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