Meet the Team – Stewart Macfarlane

Meet Stewart – Our Creative Director


Hi Stewart! You’re one of two Creative Directors here at Soup. Tell us a bit about yourself.

So I guess you’d look at me and think I’m a typical, beard-wearing, coffee-drinking, instagramming hipster. But I’d say I had a beard way before it was cool! The things I find important in life are, family, creative ambition, adventures in the mountains and long weekends hunting for surf.

The not so cool things are, I like Jazz, and I’m probably way too young to to be listening to classical music whilst painting seascapes.

Life is busy… but I’m very lucky to genuinely enjoy what I do at Soup.

How did you get into video production?

Blind ambition and a passion for a nice bit of shallow depth of field. I had a great experience in my first design agency role, where I was allowed to take the mantle and push myself into the role I’m in today.

What does your role at Soup involve?

It would be easier to say what it doesn’t involve, but apart from developing the business with Garan, my production roles start with the creative concepts stage then seeing the project right through from scripting, directing, editing, audio mixing and colour grading. Usually creating a base edit on which Garan then does his magic with motion design, which is the icing on the cake.

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What’s your favourite part about your job as Creative Director?

The best bit for me is the initial edit of the footage, I love being out and about filming especially when it’s in some stunning countryside, either in the mountains or by the coast. When I feel like I have shot something special, I still get a little giddy when I bring all the footage together in the edit.

And your favourite part about Soup?

My favourite part about Soup has always been the potential to develop our own beautifully filmed documentary, we started Soup to fit into our passions for the great outdoors so to be working on such a project with other respected brands is what the future is all about.


And for the easy bit!

Favourite film?

The Fisher King – or anything with Jeff Bridges in it.

Fun fact about you?

I really do think it’s acceptable to wear sandals and socks!

Favourite thing that you’ve worked on so far?

Fairly simple one to answer, filming corporate ski trips in Switzerland. Being paid to snowboard in perfect powder are the sort of days you remember!   

What do you do in your spare time?

If I’m not eating cake, I’m probably daydreaming about another half finished project. But mainly I will be trying to find time to be out on the mountain bike or surfing with the 268 people strong adventure group FiveONine, which I founded back in 2012.   

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Thanks Stew! Keep a look out for the next wave maker to be tested.

Written by Emily Kench

Social Wave Caster

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