Meet the Team – Emma Garland

Meet Emma – Our Video Catalyst

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Hi Emma! You’re Video Catalyst here at Soup. Tell us a bit about yourself.

This bit is hard and I actually answered this last! I’m a yoga teacher, a mother of one pretty content and chilled toddler, a big part of a pretty cool video production company, a healthy food enthusiast, a bit of a gardener, St Ives lover, Pinterest obsessor and not a dog-lover (yes I said it! Some people just aren’t!)

How did you get into video production?

I spent 10 years in corporate reporting, where I was Head of Client Services for Cambridge and London based reporting production specialist agencies. Essentially, project managing print and digital productions for large stock-exchange listed companies. I knew Stewart and Garan from Art and Design College and we’d always kept in touch. I admired what they were doing from the very start and was always keen to be involved somehow. As the business grew, I would help out every now and then on shoots and start to learn more about the process. Eventually, I jumped ship and moved back ‘home’ to Chester and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since! That was 4 years ago now!

What does your role at Soup involve?

A little bit of everything. I mainly plan and manage all our video and animation productions, from booking VO and models to arranging permissions for flying our drone. But I also manage and recruit the ever-growing team, assist with filming on set or on location, have a hand in new business, oversee the accounts and anything else in between, including cleaning bus-stop windows and painting studio floors for filming! No job is too small, but if it is, I normally get it!!   

What’s your favourite part about your job as Video Catalyst?

Variety. We are very lucky to be able to work with all types of companies across many industries. I love that we can be filming on a construction site one day with our hard hats on and be on the beach filming for a holiday company the next!

And your favourite part about Soup?

Seeing the end results! I still get goosebumps when I watch the videos in full, for the first time! And definitely, the flexibility and freedom you get for working with a small company. We don’t ever feel like we work for a company, as such. We have flexible working hours, and being part of a small company means we can grow and evolve ourselves, just as much as the business.


And now for the easy bit!


Favourite film?

Only one!? That’s hard! The one that I’ve watched many times would have to be Carpe Diem – aka Dead Poet’s Society.    


Fun fact about you?

I used to think I was a mermaid when I was little! I probably still think I am but I prefer to be on top of the water nowadays. Either on my stand up paddle board or surfing (when the water’s warm enough!) Oh and I have a good abductor pollicis muscle! (That’s the muscle between your thumb and index finger) thanks to practicing ashtanga yoga everyday.


Favourite thing that you’ve worked on so far?

Any of the outdoor or holiday let videos. Lakelovers probably. We had so much fun going on the Landrover experiences, the Tree-top trek and just filming in such beautiful surroundings. Eating the amazing cake at Chesters by the River was definitely a highlight! I’m looking forward to helping with the drone films we’ll be doing later in the year too.


What do you do in your spare time?

Yoga, yoga and more yoga! I teach 3 Ashtanga style classes a week, as well as workshops and hopefully next year, they’ll be yoga retreats on offer too! I’m also a mum so my spare time is taken up by running after my two year-old, Howie! I also love cooking as I find it very relaxing. It’s a stress-reliever. I’m definitely a cook though and not a chef! There is a difference!


So that’s all you need to know about Emma. Keep a check for our next team member to be grilled!

Written by Emily Kench
Social Wave Caster

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