Office Yoga Fundraiser

The scenes in Merchant’s House this morning were quite unlike the normal expected office day. Anyone that was to walk past would have been greeted by the staff of Soup Creative, Reckless and Bikmo Plus (apparently a not so flexible bunch) sprawled out on an array of mats across the office floor. No this wasn’t a form of punishment by our bosses…

It was a taster session of Ashtanga Yoga led by our very own pro Emma Garland to raise money for the charity The Up and Under Foundation. The morning was great fun, both for those who got on the kits and joined in and for those that just decided to watch us do our thang. There was many a funny noise going down and the odd burst of laughter (mostly on my part) occurring as we all sought to replicate Emma’s poses and body postures – they were a lot harder than she made them look!

As a result of this hour of planking, balancing and stretching we raised a total of £176 which is more than we targeted for. So thank you so much to all those that took part and got involved. We hugely appreciate it and I am sure The Up and Under Foundation will too.

Here’s a little vid explaining just what Up and Under do to help these kids lives….


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