Playing with the big boys – Soup shoots in 4K

For all those camera and film buffs out there, you will understand the excitement around shooting with a 4K camera. Our creative directors, Stew and Garan were no exception. As they eagerly set up the extremely expensive and highly regarded bit of kit, their avidity could not be hidden. For all those who aren’t such film geeks and are now re-evaluating our level of coolness.

Let me explain what 4K is… 4K is the hottest ‘techy’ buzzword of 2015. Like HD, but better, it’s a new resolution that has been designed for digital cinema and computer graphics. It means a higher image definition quality, faster speed rate and a large projection surface visibility. It consists of a frame rate of 4096 x 1714 which is a massive 8 million pixels! Delivering four times as much detail as 1080p Full HD which is just 2 million pixels. Think Cinema quality – or Game of Thrones if you’re a fan like us!

Interested to learn a bit more about this 4K revolution? Check out this short video.

Once Stew and Garan got over their excitement of the new kit, they did eventually manage to get some 4K footage. 4K enables us to use any single frame as a high-res image, meaning we can now create both film and photography without compromising either.

Here’s a high-res still from the shoot we did recently for a new medical product advertisement for Aspirate n Go. We are extremely excited to shoot some more footage with this camera in the near future, enabling us to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Watch this space!

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