Soup Get Tough!

We’re facing possibly our biggest (definitely muddiest!) challenge yet here at Soup – it’s called the Tough Mudder Weekend. The name says it all! Safe to say this may be Soup’s first and last such physically demanding escapade. You’re on your own for this one next year Stew!!

Taking place Saturday 21st May 2017, the Tough Mudder Challenge is a grueling 12-mile race with 20 obstacles thrown in – including a death slide, a skip full of ice and yes, tons and tons of lovely, lovely MUD. But it is all for a good cause, one that, we’d like you to talk about, shout about, donate to.

We’ll be raising money for Chester Aid to the Homeless (CATH) this year, helping the homeless to help themselves because we believe everyone deserves a second chance. With just a £500 target it really is just a little that goes a long way. Stew, Garan, Emma, Ellie and Matt will need to bring some serious mental grit (and a very good pair of running shoes) to make it around this borderline torturous course which promises a twisted collection of new and classic Tough Mudder obstacles amongst the hills, water, woodlands….mud.

Our Sharp Shooter, Emily has selflessly offered to take one for the team and not exactly run the course but to document everyone else doing it instead. Cheers Emily! All spectators and moral supporters are welcome! Tickets are just £10 so come on down and have a good ole giggle at us lot for the day! It’ll be worth it.

Please visit the link below to donate:

Soup Creative Fundraising


The Wavemakers

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