Life as an Intern: Week Four






Well I’ve officially been an intern for a month now, and what a month it has been. My official business cards for Soup arrived yesterday so now I am feeling very professional and legit! It’s the little things. I have five whole boxes worth so if you bump into me, you most definitely will get one! I’m clearly far too excited over my name on a bit of card, I know, but all you fellow recent graduates will understand that bit of card is the glimpse of hope that you’re making it!

Week four has been spent on various different projects, one of which was creating a storyboard for a medical company. I was asked to pitch an animation idea for an intro and outro for their brand logo. A short piece that can be used in their advertising to promote and reflect the company. It’s hugely encouraging that they’re selecting my idea to go through to animation. I’m pretty excited to see it once Garan has worked his animation magic on it, so watch this space. Seeing your work and ideas come together is always a rewarding and satisfying experience.

The team at Soup are keen to help me broaden my knowledge and skills. Every other Friday I have what’s called my ‘feeding day’. No, not a day full of eating cake! Although that would be rather grand too! But a day that feeds me creatively. It’s one day, every two weeks which keeps me inspired and motivated creatively. So this can be in anything at all that seeks to aid this development; gallery visits, tutorials, sketching, etc. I have been spending my time doing tutorial after tutorial recently and constantly researching what’s current and on trend in the field of graphic design and animation. This process has helped me hugely, as it has allowed me to establish and learn certain skills necessary for work that crops up during the week.

Ashtanga yoga has also become part of weekly life at Soup. The wonderful Emma takes the classes in a quirky arty gallery space a few doors down from our studio, known as the Funky Aardvark. At 6pm on a Tuesday evening, the team head over with our mats and it’s become a great addition to my routine working life. I like that the team here seek to do life beyond work together and this is something that really drew me to the company in the first place. I’m looking forward to the Summer months, when we get out and about for more activities.

So all in all the month has been golden. I am quickly learning about life within a creative agency and am settling in nicely.

Tune in again next week, until then, Namaste, as we say in yoga.

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