Life as an Intern – Week Five






This morning on my standard daily coffee stop into work, I found myself asking for an extra shot of coffee. Oh, how times have changed!

From the girl in week one who couldn’t handle the strong coffee, to the girl in week five who can’t seem to get her coffee strong enough. I really am in the midst of working life now!

This week I have been working on various smaller projects. (It’s one of those ‘calm before the storm’ weeks.) One of these projects is the branding and development of a new business called Cottage Cloud. I am afraid I will keep you all in the dark about this business for now but it’s definitely one to keep your eyes peeled for.

Branding this business has been a great way for me to use my drawing skills and creativity freely. I have spent a lot of time drawing out various typography elements, playing with font styles and lettering. It has been a lot of fun and a good way for me to practically learn more about the key elements and tools involved with designing and presenting logos.

Other things I have been involved in this week are the preparing and formatting of pitch documents for new business (which we won); script writing for an animation film; poster and prospectus designing for a local college, and the designing of graphics and storyboards for new animation film ideas. So when I am talking about it being a ‘calm before the storm’ week, maybe it’s more that I am just adjusting to balancing work loads and managing my time!

In my blog post from my second week, I mentioned graphics that I had been designing and putting together for a Lakelovers holiday let video. Here is the link for the video now up on our vimeo page.

Highlights of the week – Pastry Party:

It’s all in the name! We sat down and ate pastries together – Chocolate Croissant for me of course. Cheeky pint with the creative directors. Valuable time spent reflecting and sharing feedback on my first month here at Soup. A really encouraging moment to hear how I am progressing.

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