Life as an Intern: Week Two






Time is flying by and I can’t believe I am coming to the end of my second week here at Soup. It has been a busy week of designing and learning; from creating graphics for films to working on print Adobe Indesign files.

The week has displayed Soup’s vast expanse of capabilities and strengths. I particularly enjoyed working on graphic storyboards, creating ideas and designs that accompany a promotional film for a holiday let client, shot and produced by Soup in the Summer. I was able to use my illustrative drawing skills and incorporate them graphically by introducing aspects of handwritten typography. Anyone that knows me at all will know I have a fascination for handwriting and fonts! Once my designs were complete, I was able to observe the process undergone to bring them to life. I spent time observing Stew, one of our creative directors, animate the various graphics, placing them above certain parts of the film and transitioning them to flow and tell a story. It was great to see how my first project was being used and had come together – a very proud moment for an intern! Let’s hope the client loves it too! I’ll be sure to send you a link to the final video once it’s approved by the client.

To get some insight (and understand what on earth I am talking about) check out the first film produced for this Lake District based, holiday letting, Lakelovers. This film is aimed at owners of potential holiday let properties. The use of graphic animation within this is incredibly captivating. It adds a whole new element to the video and seeks to entice the viewer. I’m hopeful that my knowledge and skills within this area will keep on growing. I am surrounded by incredibly gifted creatives who are so willing to invest time to help me flourish as a Junior Creative.

Lessons learnt this week:

  • Good strong black coffee makes my hands go all shakey – the Bikmo boys are obsessed with coffee – fair trade of course!
  • Shakey hands make designing graphics that much trickier!
  • I should stick to my fruit tea

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