Life as an Intern: Week Three

week three

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” – Neville Brody

It’s my third week here at Soup and the quote above by Neville Brody is ringing true to me. I have quite a background in the area of painting, having studied Fine Art for three years. I’m learning quickly that digital design follows a lot of the same principles, including composition, colour, negative and positive space, proportion, perspective, and so on.

It has never really dawned on me until this past week how much my skills from that aspect of art have aided my development within digital design.

So if you consider yourself as more of an artist than a designer, don’t be afraid to try it. You may be pleasantly surprised. With my wee pep talk done, let me share a bit about my week. It’s been another busy one, but then I am beginning to realise that this may be a recurring weekly theme.

I’ve been getting stuck into designing some infographics, portraying statistics and results from a recent online video campaign we did here at Soup using Google TrueView. I have absolutely loved this process, creating a visually stimulating way for our clients and audience to observe our campaigns. This project has been a good development, as I learn how crucial it is to get it just right. Digital design can be a lengthy process. It takes trial and error, playing around with layout, font and colour themes constantly. It’s about trying something new, having fresh ideas and not being afraid to get it wrong. That way you see what works and what doesn’t!

Yesterday we spent some time out of the office and headed over to Delamere forest, where we shot the last bit of footage for Bikmo Plus’ new explainer film. (Bikmo Plus is a brand new straight-talking insurance for multi-bikes. It is fun, quirky and informative.) It was great fun to see how the filming side of things goes down. I was given the job of holding and angling the light reflector to ensure the lighting was as good as can be for the film – big timer intern! (Haven’t had to get coffee yet though!) The video put together by Garan and Stew, is a great explainer video for Bikmo Plus. I absolutely love the style. It has most definitely succeeded as a film that sticks in your head. We have been whistling the theme tune here in the studio all week, and the random outbursts of “Nice one Dave” has still not become old hat.

See for yourself and, if you don’t find yourself whistling the song ten minutes later I will be most surprised! Hope you like the video, as much as we enjoyed making it.

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