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We’ve got something important to share here at Soup. It’s something that we’re really looking forward to and it’s definitely our biggest challenge to date. That includes trying to grab the attention of the correct Emily with a total of three in one room! That being said, we would like to ask for your help to share, shout about and if possible, donate to a brilliant cause and a charity that we’ve chosen to support this year.

Our Creative Directors, Stewart and Garan, with their trusty team of 22 will be completing The Three Peaks Challenge  in order to raise some much needed money for the North East Wales Search and Rescue (NEWSAR) who are Soup Creative’s chosen charity for 2016 in memory of Stew’s brother. The National Three Peaks Challenge will see the team climbing Ben Nevis (1,345m), Scafell Pike (978m) and finishing at the base Snowdon (1,085m); the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland in 24 hours or hopefully less! No surfboards, no bikes, and definitely no train up Snowdon. Just a good set of walking boots and a lot of blister plasters!

Upon reaching Snowdon for the last leg, the, by now, weary team will be joined by another group, including our Video Catalyst, Emma, who will climb the last leg together as one big team, for some much needed moral support.




If you’re into your hiking, cycling, climbing and all the other adventure sports, you’ve probably heard of North East Wales Search and Rescue (NEWSAR). They’re an amazing, highly trained group that will be on hand, if you find yourself lost or injured. What’s more, they do it completely voluntarily, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s pretty unbelievable stuff.NEWSAR cover a variety of locations including Flintshire, Denbighshire, Wrexham, Conwy, Powys, even parts of Wirral and Cheshire and assist the Police with helping anyone from the injured to the missing and vulnerable. They are solely trained volunteers and receive no monetary reward for carrying out this amazing service.

Approximately, £25,000, is what’s needed to keep NEWSAR going every year, to cover things like training, safety equipment, kit, fuel to arrive quickly and safely and team equipment such as stretchers and ropes. That’s where Soup comes in and we’re asking for your help. To spread the word, donate and support. We don’t need you to get your walking boots on, buy the kit to get to the top or put on your thermals (although you’re more than welcome to if you fancy it!).

We’ll be documenting the team as they get closer to The Three Peaks Challenge, including what equipment they’re taking, how they’re training is going or if they’ve even started (we’re pointing to one of our creative director’s right now), all the way through to the finish so you’ll be able to follow the whole journey.


Please visit the link below to donate:



The Wavemakers


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