Meet the Team – Ingrid

Meet our Junior Editor, Ingrid…


Hi Ingrid! You’re our newest Junior Editor here at Soup. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am 25 years old, from Barcelona, Catalonia. I graduated in Advertising and Public Relations.  I perceive the life from the subjectivity of my eyes, and try to express it one way or another (which is normally my iPhone)… My dog Skyla (a lovely and loyal Siberian Husky) is one of my favourite models. Besides the camera, I am hyperactive, I love all kinds of sport and I am a very competitive person.


How did you get into video production?

As far back as I can remember at home there has always been video and photography cameras and even an old film projector! I could make a long-life film from my recorded memories… My grandpa taught me how to use a proper camera and ever since I have always wanted to communicate through images. I took a few lessons in video production and editing at Uni, and now I want to grow in this fascinating world.


What does your role at Soup involve?

I am doing a work experience in Soup Creative enrolled in creativity and video edition. I go through footage and I give my best to achieve the nicest result.


What’s your favourite part about your job as Junior Editor?

I really love to attend the film shoots. I enjoy gathering all the never-ending videos to create a harmonious story.


And your favourite part about Soup?

Since the very first day everyone has given me as many hands as I’ve required. Soup Creative is a small family whose strongest point is how friendly everyone is.


And now for the easy bit!

Favourite film?

A beautiful mind.


Fun fact about you?

I always end up acquiring bizarre postures to get the best shot (picture).


Favourite thing that you’ve worked on so far?

In the past, I supported and coordinated the communication of some winter international events like Snowboard Cross or Alpine Skiing World Cups.

Now, I am enjoying every challenge that Soup throws me!


What do you do in your spare time?

I’ve always loved to sing and, since a few months ago, I am learning to play the guitar. I enjoy walking my dog. I consider myself a fanatic of sport and theatre… and good food…yum!


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