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Graphic animation can add another level of engagement to any video and, done well, it can be a strong way to communicate a complicated (or dull) message and become a very powerful sales tool.
Our talented team can create everything from 2D animation to VFX and everything in between, including storyboarding, scripting, illustration, character animation, and infographic animations.
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2D Animation

2D animation creates videos that filming simply can't capture, whether it's explaining a complex problem or technology, or providing much needed, engaging training videos, we've got it covered.

3D Animation

Our CGI/3D Animation Team understand the importance of showing the real thing, when it comes to sharing your story. If filming isn’t an option, then 3D visualisation could be the answer to make your product a reality.

Character animation

Create on-brand characters to give a more friendly approach to your messages. Quirky or creative, we can create your people or animals.


Once a script is signed off, our creative designers start to visualise your story. Storyboards bring your script to life and give you a pretty good idea of what your final animation will look like, in terms of colours, branding and style. Once approved, we move onto animating these well-designed graphic assets.


Want an individual style, then illustration might be the answer. Illustration can inspire magic and dreams, leading to a truly unique animation.
Created with passion

Fully in-house and bespoke animation

All of our animation is created and produced in-house, in our Chester and Cardiff studios. We insist on a high standard of quality for all of our animations, delivering above and beyond, no matter how tight the deadline.
We also work with many TV production companies to produce broadcast motion design and can apply animation treatment to any type of title graphics.
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